Talwalkar's Weight Management Program

  • This program not only enables you to lose weight in a safe and natural way, it also helps you maintain the weight that you have lost and prevent the regaining of that weight.
  • The dieticians note your eating habits, work profile and health problems, if any.
  • Each individual is given a customized diet to follow. The diet comprises of normal Indian food, as we do not believe in starvation.
  • With the Talwalkars Weight Management diet, you lose weight in a slow and steady fashion and hence never feel tired or deprived of energy.
  • Progress is monitored during all stages.
  • Appropriate changes are made if required.
  • Qualified nutritionist's guidance.
  • Body measurements are recorded in the beginning and individual weight circuit is prepared.
  • Routines are remade every 3 weeks after measurements and now targets are set.
  • Stoom and shower facilities also available to relax tired muscles.

About Talwalkar's Gym

We Are The Best Gym Service Provider in The World

Talwalkar was started by a single person, Mr. Vishnu Talwalkar in 1932 at a time when the concept of health clubs as seen today was non-existent. Starting from a single branch in Mumbai with no more than a few dumbbells, barbells and wooden benches, it slowly became popular as a place where even non-body builders and non wrestlers could work out safely and effectively. Today, Talwalkars has a pan India presence with 200 branches in important cities across the country. The Talwalkars USP has been responsible for the exponential growth of the chain to make it the largest health club chain in India. With in-depth research and constant trips abroad to gain access to cutting edge equipment and training techniques, Talwalkars as a whole is current with all the international trends and methodology of workouts and latest cardiovascular and gym machines. Each client is treated as an individual and workouts are designed after a detailed fitness profiling of the client. Due to these aspects Talwalkars is always the first option for people between 25 to 60 looking for fitness and for safe and natural weight reduction. The exercise trainers are trained in the latest exercise techniques and safety standards.

    Talwalkar's Total Fitness program

    This fitness program is a personalized program which is designed to help you stay active fresh, healthy and energetic. It provides you with a sense of happiness and accomplishment and the energy to pursue your hobbies which are essential for stress reduction.
    Benefits of total fitness :
  • Increases healthy life span-the TF program helps you reduce the risk of debilitating diseases viz. heart attack, high BP, diabetes, etc. thereby offering an extended, healthy life span.
  • Reduces stress-the carefully designed exercise schedule reduces stress levels, increases energy levels thus enhancing problem solving capabilities.
  • Controls obesity-the exercise schedule burns excess fat, reduces risk of diseases, keeps one active.
  • Makes you active and energetic - All the 600 plus muscles stay strong and active, increasing the body's capacity to bum calories, TF keeps you trim and increases your self-confidence.
  • Keeps diseases at bay - the TF program is carefully designed to take you out of the risk zone, Keeps you fit, fresh and healthy.